16 June 2024

Long drive to camp site for tonight’s bushcamp.

It’s signposted ‘picnic area’ but there’s absolutely no facilities here whatsoever. I believe that many Arab nations are looking to the days when the oil runs out and, with it, revenue. They are trying to diversify their economies. Tourism, especially historical tours, would be very popular in the Middle East. However, they’re currently far from that goal.

On the other hand, you get a pioneering spirit of adventure from making do with just a patch of sand…

The cook team, as always, did a great job of providing a very tasty chicken curry. We sat around the ‘campfire’, an led light, and played a game where one person said the name of a city or country and the next person would do the same but must use the last letter of the place the last person said. It was harder than it sounds. Especially when we had exhausted all the easy places we knew.

Off tomorrow morning we’re off to Al Ain, a UNESCO site and staying in a hotel on top of a mountain.

It’s 10pm now so off to bed for an early rise tomorrow.

Slept until 6pm and got up for breakfast and decamp. Off enroute to Al Ain now with a few stops on the way.

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