24 July 2024

We’re 1400 metres up in the mountains. The original site was not possible because roadords make passage impossible. Instead, we’re camping on the watercourse of a dried wadi. I hope it doesn’t rain soon… That’s about as likely as a heatwave in Dublin in January.

Had a lovely evening meal, chicken surprise! It had spuds so a winner. Kudos to the cook team, as always.

Also had some great chats with some of the lovely people on the trip. Its great getting to know them. Its also great feeling myself relax and getting more and more into the trip. Its 32 months since I arrived back from Africa. Then Covid19 came, and all that. I have worked nearly all that time in mental health and I’m realising now how close to burnout from secondary ptsd I was getting. Glad I got out in time.

Off tomorrow up the mountain in a battered pickup truck for a hike. My knees are a bit banjaxed so I probably won’t be able to walk too far. Must ask Santy for new knees this Xmas 🎄

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