23 May 2024

We’ve been on the road for 8hrs now with a 45min stop for lunch at noon. We have passed a string of white blocky Arab villages or small towns and they’re getting poorer and poorer looking. In places it looks more African than Arabian.

Having a brief stop here for both the taking on and letting go of water. And other various bodily fluids. Nuff said.

There’s sand as far as the eye can see and lots of rock rubble. Although Arabia is culturally old, the actual land looks very young. It seems as of the ice age ended only a few weeks ago and the melting glaciers just dropped their cargo of rocks and rubble and flowed away. The only vegetation is patches of a low thorny and wirey scrub. The plant world hasn’t established a foothold here yet, it seems. Nevertheless, it has a hypnotic beauty.

As one who has been known to not let the facts get in the way of a good yarn, I’m sure what I said could possible be not true. It feels true though.

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