24 July 2024

Stopped here for a brief visit to this Fort. Unfortunately, we got there during the siesta time, 12-4pm, I think; when all sensible people are at home avoiding the heat. The place was closed.

The Fort was huge and looked almost completely deserted and ruined but there were several signs of serious renovation going on. Its the sort of place I could happily spend a few hours pottering around; longer if there was an audio or good written commentary. A guide would be ideal, though. But not this time. We did find an open gate and went in and explored some of the external buildings but, again, the absence of a context made it difficult to get a sense of how old it was.

It was a daub and wattle building and these age quickly and often look much older than they really are. I have no Internet for a day or so so could not Google it. Later.

There was an older local guy who attacked himself to out little group. He seemed very insistent on showing us good photo opportunities. However, I think his main interest was in the women in our group. Its difficult to know if he was hustling or just a local friendly guy who was demonstrating the hospitality Omanis are famous for. I’d hate to cause disrespect or be culturally insensitive.

Back on the truck and off for our bushcamp and dinner.

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