23 May 2024

Stopped here for an hour or so so most could have a dip in this amazing sinkhole carved out of living lined tune by the action of the slighty acidic ground water. Its naturally due to limestone erosion and the collapse of the rocks forming what you see. Apparently the sinkhole is also connected to the sea through an underground tunnel.

I didn’t go because I have an inner-ear problem from my recent illness. It caused extreme vertigo when I move from side to side when horizontal. Just like swimming.

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The Bimmah Sinkhole is a very beautiful sinkhole about 200 meters inland from the Gulf of Oman. In this sinkhole, fresh water is mixed with sea water giving it a wonderful color. People can go swimming in this sinkhole of camp by its side. This area is very well sign posted from the highway and can not be missed.

Bimmah Sinkhole is a deep natural depression filled with water, called Hawiyat Najm. The locals say that a meteor fell on this spot of land, resulting in the natural depression and forming a small lake.

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