16 June 2024

No piccies because its a border zone and you’re not allowed. If this was Dublin Airport passport control, I might chance my arm but not here. So, I cheated and purloined some from the internet

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Bahrain is an island northwest of Qatar, where some sporting event is currently going on, apparently. It is linked to Saudi Arabia by a long manmade causeway. Halfway across this causeway is King Faid Passport Island. This is where the Saudi exit post and Bahraini passport and customs controls are. More of the usual rigmarole of getting in and out of buses, waiting in line, being scowled at by sullen border guards and, finally, getting the exit stamp or visa-on-arrival for the new country.

This time, it went reasonably smoothly and only took an hour or so. The only blip was that our original bus was also trying to go through the same process but without us on board. Remember, we were on a regular scheduled bus. Both buses got through OK and we changed back to our original bus; our home on wheels. However, a last minute blip and we were asked to get back on the scheduled bus again. Then, Karen, the organiser, did her shouty, schmoozy magic thing and the blip vanished. We were back on our old bus again. Woohoo

Shortish trip to our hotel in Manama, the capital city, for a long hot shower to wash the sand off and a soft bed with clean crisp sheets. What more could you want?

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