24 July 2024

Stopped here for an hour or so to view this huge camel, goat and sheep market. Either we arrived too late or this was an off day. There weren’t too many beasties around.

I walked around for an hour and chatted with a few locals but as they did not speak much English and and as I speak no Arabic, the conversation was necessarily brief.

Our bus was parked by a local abattoir. You could see people bringing goats and sheep in and thr animals would exit in a cardboard box, smaller in size. There were two guys dragging a large sheep by the front legs but the sheep was resisting and flopped down on its belly. They finally got it in.

The animal entrance was a small door, about 1 meter square, at the end of a long fenced in narrow passageway. There was a young looking goat, on its own, at the beginning of the path, as far away from the door as possible. It was still and had its head poking out a gap in the fence, looking around. I anthropomorphised that it knew what was about to happen and was savouring the few moments remaining of its life. Before the approaching darkness and death and more darkness. Or maybe it was just thinking of grass.

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