16 June 2024

We arrived at out Bushcamp site. Its in the middle of nowhere, again. It’s about 5km from nearest village of Dharar at coordinates 19.17439, 57.656515. There’s a tiny airport about 50km away but we haven’t heard any planes yet. Maybe it’s military.

Had Mexican food for dinner.

Went out after dinner for a bush toilet. Basically a trowel to dig a hole in the sand and far enough away from people as practical as possible. It was pitch black at this time, 7.30pm ish. It gets dark here at 6pm. I saw something in my path and stopped to have a look. It was a beautiful little snake about 12-15cm in length. I was tempted to stroke him and I asked him if he’d like to come home with me but he declined. No thanks, he hissed, a bit snarkily I thought. I’ve heard of St Patrick, even over here in Oman.

I must find out what species it was. In the absence of definite knowledge, I assume all snakes are poisonous and give them a wide berth, despite my fascination with them.

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Slept like a log last night. Asleep by 9.30pm and awoke a few times for a pee. Up at 5.45am to pack my tent away and have breakfast for a 7pm departure.

Nearly walked into these huge beasties (in pics). They had spun their webs in a gap between 2 shrubs. They were about 8cm in length or about the size of my hand. They had what looked like an armoured back. They were about 7/10 on S3 (Spider Shudder Scale)

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