Day 5215 January 2020 in Zimbabwe ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

Evidence that I’m certifiable insane, daft as a brush, a right mad eejit etc etc etc. I went for a dip in a pool perched right on the edge of the world’s greatest waterfall. After thousands of years of erosion, many rock pools have formed near the great Victoria Falls – and one of them, right on the very edge! Devil’s Pool – with a sheer drop and an up close and personal view of the sheer drop off the side of the falls – is indeed the ultimate infinity pool!

It takes a rocky walk and swim in the Zambezi to reach the pool before slipping into the adrenalin pumping swimming hole. I wore shoes because my tender feet could not take the sharp rocks.

Those fearless enough leap into the pool and get pushed to the edge by the force of the river, with the rock lip bringing them to a halt as the raging waters of the Zambezi crash over the cliffs less than a metre away. I slithered in more like a crab than a salmon.

The view from the edge is totally exhilarating as you feel the force of the Zambezi flowing past you and crashing down over the precipice; a hundred meter drop. The sound is immense.

The over 500-million-litres of water that cascade over the falls every minute are not to be messed with, so as a safety precaution – guides are available at the entrance of the falls to accompany you to the pool. Our guides were very helpful, especially with me as I’m a bit shaky on the old pins due to banjaxed knees and a flakey foot.

The whole experience was exhilarating, a not to be repeated event. Definitely not to be repeated..

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