16 June 2024

Stopped here for lunch, a little earlier than normal because there are so few stopping points on the road to Sulalah, Road 31. It has been called the most boring road in the world by Lonely Planet. I understand why.

Haima is the capital of the central region of Oman called Al Wusta Governorate. Permanent settlement began after a team of oil explorers sunk a water well there. This well, along with another dug in al-Ajaiz, became the first permanent water sources in Jiddat il-Harasiis. The well in Haima was used less than that in al-Ajaiz on account of the poor grazing lands surrounding it.

In 1982 a school for boys and later one for girls was opened in Haima. Families from the Harasiis tribe have increasingly settled in this location while schools are in session.

We had a meal in a restaurant called Al Wusta, after the region. It was pretty tasty and cheap. There were some South Asians at a table near to us and they ate a huge meal using only their right hand, like in India. One of them shovelled huge portions into his mouth with his large hands.

Today is the National Day of Oman. Its also a Friday, the Islamic sabbath. Its a pity we’re not in a big town as the craic would be mighty.

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