23 May 2024

Stopover in the amazing new Istanbul Airport. There’s just a short wait so no time to do much.

I think this is my fourth or fifth time flying through Istanbul Airport. The last time was the end of February 2020 when I was coming back from my Central Asia Silk Road trip. I noticed that a lot of people were wearing face masks and I wondered why. I found out when I get back home to Ireland! The first few times were in the old Ataturk Airport which was very small and old fashioned and not very well built. The new one is absolutely amazing. It’s like a cathedral. Of course the Silk Road started and ended in Istanbul so they have thousands of years of experience of selling things so, not surprisingly, the whole airport was like a temple to consumerism and the shops looked amazing.

It’s great smelling real foreign air again. We’re boarding now so more later from Dubai

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