23 May 2024

Today is our final day in Abu Dhabi. We’re off tomorrow morning for a few days bush camping at Liwa Oasis at a site called Moreeb Dune and then later on at Dhafeer Gort near Al Ain. We stay in UAE until 14th when we exit for Oman.

After the trip to the Louvre museum this morning, we got a taxi home at 1pm and I had a short power nap. Then I went for a long stroll around the hotel area and then into the downtown area. The area itself was pretty meh but I enjoyed seeing new things. It was a bit hot though, 36°C. It was a bit sticky too.

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Strangely enough, I really enjoyed the newness of it all. I noticed how my gait is slowing down and I’m slower to get annoyed. I started to get a bit lightheaded near the end and concluded I was dehydrated. I don’t have much of a thirst reflex and don’t notice I’m thirsty until it’s too late and I’m dehydrated. I forget to hydrate while walking. I need to learn quickly that I don’t need to wait until I’m thirsty, to drink water. Doh!

Five of us went out for a meal at 6pm to a Chinese restaurant. The food was very good. Off to bed now for an early start tomorrow.

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