16 June 2024
Day 2620 December 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

Had a lazy day yesterday sitting in the shade in the bower in the photo to avoid the scorching sun. Most of the others went out to either do a village tour or climb to the Mount Kilimanjaro base camp at around 3000 metres. I chose to do neither as I needed time to assimilate what has being going on and also to pace myself so I don’t become too knackered. I was tempted to do the village tour though.

The weather got a bit oppressive during late afternoon and I thought a storm might be imminent but it wasn’t. II spent a few hours in the bar, sipping a seriously good ginger ale while chatting with a person I really hadn’t chatted with until then.

Lovely relaxing day sitting in the shade and reflecting (Click on an image to enlarge gallery)

We had dinner at 7 pm, a really tasty veggie lentil curry. I had seconds. This was followed by baked banana with chocolate sauce. Amazing how foots tastes better when home made and eaten in the open air.

A squad of hunky Canadian soldiers make camp next to us and I wondered if I might get lost in the night and end up in one of their tents, by accident, like.

But this was not to be. We were informed after dinner that we had an early start next morning at the unholy hour of 6am. This meant getting up at 4:45am to take my tent down and have breakfast at 5:15am. This meant an early night so an early night it was.

I felt very relaxed and full of beans from my chillout day and glad I listened to my instincts.

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