23 May 2024

At last. The overlander trip started today. The past few days I was on my own.

There were some last minute hiccups about the bus. It was caught at the border. I got a WhatsApp message earlier this morning stating that a substitute bus was outside the hotel and inviting us to drop off our bags by 8am. This I did and went back to meet my new tripmates, all 17 of us. I was wondering what the group would be like but confident that, like most overlanders, they would be chilled and interesting people. My only minor concern was that I wouldn’t be twice as old as the next oldest person. This was certainly not the case. My first sight of the group was a sea of white heads. Grand, I thought, I’ll be right at home here. I’m not even the oldest. That crown belongs to a 82yo spritely gent from the US of A.

What with getting the bags on board and then getting seated etc, there was not much chance to meet people, apart from a few hurried handshakes and “how are you, my name is Tom” Oh yes, Tom is back. Brian is now resting until February of next year. He’s hibernating in a cave in the Dublin mountains. Please do not disturb…

I have a good feeling about thus trip and everybody seems really likeable. I look forward to getting to know them all, in time.

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