16 June 2024

I had a good night sleep last night and woke up at 7am and then went down for breakfast. After breakfast I met with a few people from the group and we decided what we would do today. The consensus was that we will go to the Louvre art gallery in Abu Dhabi. Apparently it’s an amazing place with lots of art from many different parts of the world.

We did decided to leave the hotel at 9:30 and got a large people carrier type taxi to bring us there. Taxis here in the United Arab Emirates are very cheap. Probably because petrol is nearly free.

The art gallery itself was what you would expect from something with the Louvre in the title. Is a building itself a spectacular and it was arranged very well. There were 12 different rooms or wings and it started from prehistory and every room was a era of history. There was also an exhibition of impressionist painting and I went to see that as well. There was lots of Monet and other Impressionist artists. It was very interesting as well.

(Please click on any thumbnail above to enlarge the whole gallery for full size sliding photos)

Almost as interesting was looking at all the different types of people there. There were lots of school groups and dozens of children sitting on the floor and listening to the teachers who appeared very competent and kind to their charges. I reflected what it was like in my day when I was their age and we all sat rigidly at attention in desks and heaven forbid if anybody talked of a place or did something that was forbidden. The punishment would be immediate and severe and very brutal. I’m glad those days are over now. But they leave scars.

(Please click on any thumbnail above to enlarge the whole gallery for full size sliding photos)

We stayed there for a few hours and got a taxi back at 1pm. I was quite knackered from all the walking around and had a nap. Touch wood, my foot is ok. I changed all the bandages and plasters this morning and applied the antibiotic ointment I got from the doctor yesterday. It looks like all the ugly wounds are healing quite fast and there was no pain at all. I very relieved about this and must be a bit more cautious about foot care from now on. I even wore socks with my sandals today; fashion death.

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