24 July 2024
Day 469 January, 2020 in Zimbabwe ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

We stop here today for lunch and to do some shopping. Quite a nice little city in Southeastern Zimbabwe. Being urban, as opposed to rural, we weren’t stared at so much and could get about our business with a minimum of hassle. We’re getting used to dropping into little towns and cities we had never heard of and also beginning to notice the differences and similarities between the different parts of Africa

Gweru (named Gwelo until 1982) is a city in central  Zimbabwe. Located near the geographical centre of the country, it is the capital of Midlands Province. Originally an area known to the indigenous Ndebele as “The Steep Place” because of the Gweru River’s high banks, in 1894 it became the site of a military outpost established by Leander Starr Jameson. In 1914 it attained  municipal status, and in 1971 it became a city.

Boggie Clock Tower – Gwere

The city has a population of 141,862 as of 2013. Gweru is known for vibrant farming activities in beef cattle, crop farming, and commercial gardening of crops for the export market. It is also home to a number of colleges and universities, most prominently Midlands State University and  Mkoba Teachers College.

The city was nicknamed City of Progress.

The heat was really fierce but I’m getting used to it now. Not that I’m mad about it; a policy of tolerance, not attraction.

The Zimbabwe High Court had a court building in the town, all pomp and ceremony, with a sign in front stating ‘striving towards international standards of justice’ Zimbabwe justice? Really? Raised an eyebrow or two, and a sardonic chuckle, amongst our group of liberal democrats.

Back on the truck again and back on the road again.

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