16 June 2024

Messages, Smessages

Returning home.

When the universe decides to send me a message, she usually talks loudly. Well, I got a few messages from her recently. She is suggesting that’s its time for me to return home.

I just found out that my return ticket home is a type of scam. I was promised a return ticket and it appeared to be one but the travel agent, a dodgy sort, stated that it is called a dummy return and cannot be used. He promised to sell me one for several hundred pounds. I politely declined. I’m chasing this up with KLM but not too hopeful. This means that I have to buy my own return. As this is the height of the holiday season, they are very expensive. I could wait until 9 Sept when they are cheaper but this would mean being another month here and I really need to get back to London within the next week or so. The money is not a problem but I would prefer to spend it here in SE Asia instead of enriching an airline. I found some cheap tickets online but they mean a long stop-over in Delhi. Not a problem really so I will probably go with that.

Somehow, I am managing not to get pissed off about this; a bit annoyed maybe but not my usual fury. Asia is weaving its spell on me!

The other message is that I am beginning to get tired and a bit disconnected from life. I have been away from my home and networks for almost five months now and on the road living out of a (small) backpack for around six weeks. While this has been exhilarating and challenging and consciousness-expanding, it has also started to become tiring. I was talking a to few young backpackers yesterday and they were saying that they are exhausted. They have been on the road for only 3 weeks so its not an age thing. It’s more of a spirit thing. As a reformed addict, I want more and more from more and more. And then I want some more until whatever it is is drained dry. Well, it might be monsoon season here but I’m getting a bit dry. Time to go.

My way of travelling is about instinct, about not planning ahead and allowing events to unfold. For example, I never plan where and when I will be travelling to another country or town. I have a vague list of places I want to see and am confident that I will get there when the time is right. This has worked out really well for me and there is absolutely no pressure about itinerary, travel etc. It allows me to be in the here-and-now as fully as I can possibly be and enjoy where I am. The downside of this is that it is emotionally draining, for me, not to have a base where I can replenish my spiritual energies. I have invested heavily in the Bank of Life for the past 30 years and am relatively wealthy, spiritually and psychically. I have lived off the interest for the past five months without having to touch the capital but now the bank manager is beginning to look worried. Time to top up my account again.

I need to cut my trip to Laos short and return to Bangkok today so I have access to papers and can leave Thailand at a few hours notice. This is a pity because I was looking forward to seeing a bit more of Laos. However, I suspect I will be back to this part of the world again before long. I’m catching the overnight train today from Nong Khai at 18:20 and arrive in Bangkok at the ungodly hour of 6am.

That’s it. Back on message again.

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