By ESA/Hubble, CC BY 4.0,
Day 403 January 2020 in Mozambique ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

After a long drive, we arrive at our bush camp. It’s just a piece of scrubland in the middle of nowhere. We chose it because it’s flat and not at risk of flash flooding. As it’s getting dark, we rush to get our tents up. As it’s warm and dry, I decide not to put on the top layer of my tent and just leave the inner mesh section. I do this so I can keep cool and watch the stars.

As I’m in cook group I rush back to help cook the evening meal. I help make guacamole by chopping up avocados. They were super ripe and I reflect that I have managed to reach almost 70 years of life on this planet without ever chopping an avocados.

I help out as much as my limited culinary skills allow. I also help serve and then eat my own meal. We didn’t light a campfire because it’s a bit hot but also because we started late. We all sit around with headtorches switched off because of the huge moths flying around. I love moths and these ones look more like butterflies than moths. I notice a big cluster of them on the ground where I had drained some kidney beans. I think they might be drinking the liquid but they are after the ants who are after the residue of the beans. They lunge at the ants and gobble them up. I always thought moths were vegetarian but apparently not. When I shine my torch at them, their eyes light up brightly, making them look like fireflies. Someone puts his foot into near where they sé and they all fly away like a scene from a vampire movie.

I go to bed at around 9pn and read for a while. I then turn light off and lie on sleeping map gazing at the stars until my eyes get heavy and I drift off.

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