23 May 2024

Interesting museum of an old Omani house.

Blurb from their website:

The Old house is a group of typical Omani houses from the period of 1950 to 1975 that tell the story of the Omanis and their deeply rooted heritage, customs and traditions. The Wedding, the Kitchen and Display Rooms, the Mother and Children’s Room, the Winter Room, the Majlis (Living Room), Musabbeh’s Room describe the earlier Omani lifestyle which still finds echoes in today’s traditions.

The museum displays a subtlety combined with a sense of immediacy (to transport the visitor back in time) in showing Omani life at this period in the form of the historic contents of their homes, their art, artifacts and inventions.

We believe that this part of the museum will prove of interest both to local Omanis, especially the young, and tourists seeking a flavour of Oman’s rich heritage during a transformative period of its history leading to the wise rule of H.M. Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said.

(Please click on any thumbnail above to enlarge the whole gallery for full size sliding photos)

The museum also includes two other divisions:

The strikingly modern, minimalist Art Gallery within the traditional Omani house is intended to showcase Omani and International modern artists to the world. It aims to host artistic exhibitions and workshops as well as other creative and cultural events.

The Clothes Museum is based on a collection of traditional local and regional dresses from the past and present set off with modern international costumes. We plan to make it a prime centre for costume aesthetics and fashion creativity. This part of Place & People Museum of Modern Art is due to open soon….

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