24 July 2024

Well, night metro really. I was meant to meet some people this evening at 7pm but I completely miscalculated how long the journey would take and I didn’t get to the destination metro station until well after 7:30pm. Then there was another 20min walk to the venue. By that time, it was too late so I cancelled.

Before I went, I thought I’d have some food first. I was walking the whole day and I’d only eaten a croissant at lunch. My breakfast was at 9 so I was feeling very peckish. I thought I might have the meal in the very good restaurant in the hotel but it is a little bit pricey. Last night I had spaghetti and meatballs and and some water and although it was very tasty, it was also so a little bit expensive. It cost 70 dirham which is about 20€. A wee bit steep.

Instead I thought I’d have ramble around the neighbourhood and find a local restaurant or eatery. I saw this place that looked reasonable enough. It had the usual Arab super abundance of glitz and glitter and gold everywhere but, because of its location, I knew it was just a local neighbourhood cafe.

I went inside and I was the only non-local person there. Nobody else was beige and pink with little brown bits on.

I looked at the menu and there were lots of Indian and Pakistan meals on offer so I ordered a chicken biryani. I thought that would be safe and anyway I was in a rush and just wanted fuel.

The place itself had a very Asian feel about it. There were lots of staff and different counters and neighbour people hanging out. It looked a bit like a local institution.

First, they brought me a small salad and a bowl of some white sauce to pour over it. I didn’t like the look of it so I didn’t eat that. The main course was an absolute mountain of delicious pilaf rice and chicken, as well as a plate of biryiani sauce. The sauce was a bit too hot for me so I used it sparingly. When I finished and went to pay, it was only 30 dirham. Or so I thought. It was actually only 13 dirham. Almost a fifth of the price of the previous nights meal. A result.

Then I hit the metro going up and down whole of the Metro line. The night scene was amazing. Dubai is very interesting and much larger than I originally thought. I checked it out on Wikipedia and the population is almost 3 and half million. That’s a lot of people.

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