24 July 2024
Day 5922 January 2020 in Botswana ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

We have a 45 minute flight in a tiny 6 seater plane to view the delta from the air. I am a bit anxious at first as the plane is a bit bumpy but then I think that the van we travel in is much bumperier so I let go and relax and enjoy the flight.

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We see lots of wildlife below but at a distance, of course. Suddenly, a cry, “rhino, rhino, I see a rhino down there” The pilot steeply banks and makes a sharp turn. I’m glad I have my seat belt on tight. We see some tiny dots down below and apparently they’re rhinos. Meh.

I come to the conclusion that there are two types of game watchers. One type is the game hunter who wants to bag a trophy, either a head on their livingroom wall or on their Facebook wall. The other type is a grazer, probably vegetarian, who enjoys the animals in the context of Africa but also likes trees, birds and other beasties, even moths, beetles and flutterbys. I’m definitely the second. Once I saw my first lion, impala etc, I lost interest in getting excited about seeing them again. I would love to see a leopard in their natural habitat though, as well as wild dogs.

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The plane is in impeccable condition as indeed is the whole airport itself. It seems very unAfrican in so far as everything works really well and is spotless. I’m surprised at the dozens of small planes lined up to take tourists our for spins.

Then we land and back to the scorching African sun again to catch a taxi back to our campsite where I have a meal and sit by the poolside.

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