16 June 2024

Road to Mwanza, Tanzania

Day 159 December 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

Early start this morning. Up at 5:30 am for 6am start. No breakfast, shock, horror. We hit the road but to out delight, we were on tarmac. It even has lines painted on it. I slept reasonably well even though the mattress was just a slab of foam and there was no mosquito net. There was a mosque right next door to us but I didn’t hear the call to prayer at 5am.

Driving along in the truck we were all half asleep it was dark when we left and nice to see the sky turn from dark to light. Despite the early hour, there were loads of people on the road.

After 30mins or so, we stopped at the first village and went looking for coffee and food. The only food available were chapattis made by a round jolly woman who volunteered a few of us to help her.

We found a little stall with a charcoal fire and two kettles on it. One was an incredible ginger tea and the other a pungent strong delicious coffee. They came in eggcup sized cups. I had one of each.

After breakfast, back on the road again. The scenery was a bit different, more scrublands with amazing rock formations.

I snoozed most of the journey and came to as we hit Mwazda. The place was very busy with lots of people in their Sunday best. Apparently, the president was in town and it was some form of national holiday. There were even rastafarians there.

Soon I arrived at the campsite and did campsitey things.

Ferry across Lake Victoria

Day 159 December 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

Caught Ferry across Lake Victoria on route to Mwanza campsite. Journey took about 20 mins and was a bit chilly. When we berthed, we had chip omelette. Funny how small things amplify into big things when you’re on the road. We heard that a certain chip omelette sandwich was the rage at this port so we all wanted one. They were ok.

Some photos of journey to Mwanza by ferry (Click on any image to enlarge gallery)

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