Passport Island – Bahrain/Saudi Arabia Frontier


No piccies again as this is a border. Reverse rigmarole of the situation a few days ago. We were hoping it would be a bit quicker this time as we are already registered on the Saudi system but not a bit of it. It took longer.

The border guards don’t seem very competent. It’s standard to put entry and exit stamps on the same page. Indeed, most countries stamp the exit one over the entry one in a different colour. Saudi officials stamp anywhere. My last exit stamp was so faint the guard couldn’t find it. I knew where it was but thought I’d make him earn his wages. He then stamped the new one, my 3rd Saudi stamp, on a different page already almost full of Africa stamps. By the end of the journey, I’ll have 6 Saudi stamps in my passport. All on different pages, I guess.

Anyway, the slow wheels of Arabian bureaucracy finally turned a full cycle and we were through.

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