23 May 2024

On 7 July 2007, Petra was announced as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and has become the perfect and best tourist destination for many leaders and celebrities around the world.

On 4 January 2023, it became a wonder for me too. Not because of the amazing ruins and antiquity of this extraordinary place but because I walked for 8 hours; well 7hrs 58mins according to Google Map’s timeline. With my history of banjaxed knees, arthritic feet, knackered metatarsal joint and general chubbiness and blobbiness, not to mention a wheezy chest from the infection I got several weeks ago, I thought I’d manage a few hours. I lasted 3 hrs almost in Amman Citadel and only gave up because I was freezing. This time I thought, I’d make 4hrs maybe. But, the experience was so powerful and there was just so much to see, that I kept on saying, just a bit more, just a little bit more.

Myself, David, an English guy, Mark, another English guy and Cynthia, an Australian woman, left the hotel at 7:20am and walked the 2km or so to Petra visitor centre. The journey there was all downhill. The hills around here are seriously steep and we considered the return journey with some trepidation. I’ll be knackered on the way back after walking around for 3 or 4 hours, I thought to myself. Those hills look fierce, I’ll never make it up them.

Renowned for its charm and ancient cultural heritage, Petra marks the achievement of an impressive civilisation, the Nabataean Arabs, who perfectly carved the city into its mountains. It was considered the most important strategic location as a link and point of convergence between the Arabian Peninsula to the south and the Levant in the north, to the far country of China and to the heart of Europe.

The Siq is the main road that lies between the city’s rose coloured mountains, which stand at a height of 80m and reach up to 1.2 Km at the end of the Siq. When sightseeing, visitors will be astounded by the sight of the Treasury, which represents the masterpiece of the ancient city with a height of up to 45m and width of 30m, all of which is carved into the mountain.

The city dates back to the first century AD and its design reflects the advance of the Nabataean civilisation.

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