23 May 2024
Day 6023  January 2020 in Namibia ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

After a long road trip, we cross the Namibian frontier and arrive at out campsite about an hour later. We’re here just for an overnight stay and off early next morning. The site is grassy and on the edge of the Okavango River. There are signs warning of crocodiles!

The journey is pretty uneventful except that is was scorchingly hot. The roads are pretty knackered so we bounce around quite a lot but I’ve got used to that. I’m an old overlander soldier now! It’s like other long journeys; we chat, snooze, drink water, pee, eat, etc. I enjoy this liminal space and the experience of good memories of our last stop and good expectations of our next destination.

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Just past the border, we enter a national park and see tracks of lots of animals in the dirt. In the distance we see impala, a kudi perhaps and some zebra. None of the big five though.

Shortly afterwards, we arrive at our campsite which is what’s called a lodge around these parts. It has level grassy areas for camping with cooking and washing up stations dotted around so a few groups can use the site simultaneously and still remain separate. It also has rooms for those who don’t wish to camp. There’s a swimming pool area with sun loungers and the usual poolside equipment. There’s also a bar and restaurant area which is really the social hub of the place. This template has been used in nearly all the places we have overnighted so far with varying levels of luxury or basic facilities. Our campsite is around the middle of the range. The urinals are interesting though!

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There is a boat trip along the Okavango River, which feeds the Delta. I decide not to go as there’s too much of a rush and I haven’t pitched my tent yet. I hate rushing and try to avoid it wherever possible. Instead, I take my time to pitch my tent clean it out a bit, have a swim in the pool, have a shower, have a nap in my tent with the front open and looking out at the beautiful scenery.

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Dinner is enjoyable, sitting out in the fresh air just as it is beginning to get dark. The sunset is, to use an overused word, awesome. Shortly after dusk, thunder starts rumbling in the distance and soon lightening starts flashing. A major thunderstorm is passing close by. It misses us though and we only get a few drops of water.

To bed, go sleep, perchance to dream of having a long lie in and not having to get up at 5am for a 6am departure.

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