Arrived here at around 4pm on Monday afternoon. did the usual booking-in things at hotel. I’m sharing with an American guy called Terry. 

We’re here for 3 days and 4 nights. Not sure I would want to spend this much time here as everything is very samey or very Westernised. But, hey, that’s the way the trip is organised.

I went out for some grub and a ramble around Riyadh at around 7pm. From what I can make out, there seems to be one main pedestrianised street that stretched about 5km each side of our hotel. I walked for about an hour but was pretty underwhelmed. I couldn’t really see anything I wouldn’t see in any big city in the world. 

The next day, today, I did the same but in the opposite direction

Here’s what Wikipedia says about the place: Riyadh is very much a car-oriented city, and public transportation in Riyadh is badly underdeveloped. There are  street addresses everywhere in Riyadh, but normally mail is delivered to post office boxes. Getting around requires knowing landmarks near the place where you want to go.

If you are travelling by your own car then it is wise to carry a GPS. Plan your route before start of journey. Although many streets, roads and landmarks are marked in both Arabic & English yet there are few important major streets, roads and exits that are still marked in Arabic only.

It is important to carry your Valid Identification (i.e. Passport / National ID / Iqama) at all the times. You may experience difficulties obtaining accommodation and may experience bigger problems if you are stopped at any of the city’s check points (these can be both permanent or temporary). Not being able to show valid identification when asked by the police may land you in jail. Therefore, it is also advisable to keep details of your sponsor on hand in case you require assistance while out and about.

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