16 June 2024

Bushcamp on viewing area and public walkway overlooking the heritage town we say yesterday. We were unsure if we would be allowed to overnight but nobody said anything to the contrary. The park was nice with footpaths, toilets, or ablutions as they call them here, and a great view over the town. There was a mosque, of course.

We arrived with an hour or two of daylight left so we could pitch our tents, which were soaking wet from the previous night. It hadn’t rained but it was cold so the heat from our bodies and breath condensed into water on the surface of the cold tent. We had to pack out tents away, soaking wet, for an early departure. We hung out our tents in the warm sunshine and they were soon as dry as an Englishmans wit.

Last night was cold too but, although the elevation was high, at 750 metres, it wasn’t as cold as the previous night. But the tent was still soaking and I had to pack it away wet. Modern tents are a bit more resilient and resistant to mould and mildew than old canvas ones but it’s still not a good idea to pack the tent away wet for too long.

The evening progressed as is customary now, main evening meal, stowing kitchen away, having a natter and then rambling away to retire to our tents. It was so cold last night that there were only a handful left at 7pm. I went off to my tent shortly afterwards, watched an episode of Dr Who, read a bit and went into a deep sleep until 6am.

Then up for breakfast and stowed my tent away; yes, still soggy wet.

Off on the road again at 8am

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