24 July 2024
Day 6326 January 2020 in Namibia ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

Visited a cheetah rehabilitation centre. I didn’t think I’d like it much as I thought it’d be like a petting zoo but it wasn’t. The encounter with the cheetahs felt real although it really wasn’t. There were a few “tame” cheetahs around who, for reasons I cannot remember, couldn’t be rehabilitated. The rest of the cheetahs, the ones we had no contact with, except from the back of a truck, were orphans who were being rehabilitated through different states for a return to the wild.

Cheetahs resting (Click any image to enlarge)

Getting down with the cheetahs (Please click any image to enlarge)

Cheetahs feeding (Click any image to enlarge)

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